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Thursday, December 28, 2006

99 reproductions of wolves

Jojo, Did you see this? This is pretty awesome, by Cai Guo-Qiang. Learn more at the artist's website. I saw this on Drawn today and had to share. The artist also does some interesting things with arrows that I recommend taking a gander at.

Melissa Sue

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lucy Knisley Update: HSSC

Lucy Knisely was featured on Canned Culture 5: DIY & Cartoon Fever. Since then she has been hard at work graduating from college and applying for great new frontiers all over. In a whole holiday sack of good luck we hear that she is moving on to bigger and better things. In celebration of this she has been gracious enough to post a copy of an entirely new comic she has been working hard on called Heart Seed Snow Circuit.

Heart Seed Snow Circuit is a conversation between a Lucy the female cartoonist student, a bitter cyanide ridden apple, a dirty snowman, and a fridge who thinks evolution is fairly overrated.

The discussion revolves around the primary concerns of us folk here and there. Life, Art, & Sex.

The final extra feature panels have to be my favorite where all four characters spit out memorable phrases such as: "I spent years denying who I was, until I found out that no one saw me as less of a blood thirsty killing machine, just due to my sexuality."

The characters are excellent represenations of various hidden personas we all at sometime embody or those that orbit around our pysches.

Take a look and leaver her some love, this shows she has damn well earned it, and keep your eye on her to see what comes next.

Monday, December 18, 2006

CC6: Metal Gods & Back Home Tunes

Hi I'm Melissa and I'm starting the blog for Canned Culture Episode Six! Hooray! Joey will chime in later with his two bits.

Thanks Melissa for getting us started. Hope you all enjoyed our holiday spectacular episode. Get ready for crops and crop loads of new gitchy stuff in the next year. Also check back here to find out more about DIY.

And now for musica...

Mason Jennings
Mr. Jennings has got a super voice. The footage seen in this episode was taken by myself at a Block Party Concert on Lincoln and Addison Summer 2005. We were right up next to the stage and I was able to get nearly the whole concert on tape. For those of you who dig some relaxing midwest folksy music (though Mason is really from the West) you'll absolutely enjoy his lyrics and dynamic acoustic love. More footage can be found soon on the youtube with the rest of our episodes. A little Christmas yummy for you.

Until then visit his site cause he should be coming to this town again soon.

We had a good time filming this one, and we hope you liked watching it. Here's some things that I personally want to continue to babble about:

Drakkar Sauna!!!

love love love this band. They opened up for the final Split Lip Rayfield show at the Empty Bottle, and rocked many socks. With a tambourine shoe and two bangin' guitars, they are bound to have your little toes tapping a two step. Give them a listen and buy a cd - I bought all 3 on their website after seeing them at the SLR show, but if I had to recommend one it would be drakansasauna. Check it out!
(dont forget to check out Split Lip Rayfield too - it's not too late to pick up a bad-ass cd, even if you can't see the band - and the profits all go to a great cause. There's a DVD in the makes it looks like, which is the best news I've had all night!! I've got tickets to the january Scroat Belly show at the Empty Bottle, do you?)

Joe Pogan

Joey, did you buy me a Joe Pogan sculpture for chistmas? Hmm?

Working on getting that to you right away Melissa. Had to lease my soul for a bit in order to get a special order. This stuff is incredible.

So you go into your garage and you find a whole crap load of metal things in your junk drawer and its time to clean house. Don't throw that stuff away, find your best old watch piece, spoon, or random tool and ship it off to Mr. Joe Pogan so he can turn it into something amazing like this:

You can also check out a short clip of what it looks like as Mr. Pogan creates these works here:

Power to Forge Life Out of Metal: GO!

Cosymakes. Cosyknits.

Cosy does lots of things, and does them well!

I'm a crocheter, not a knitter, so i'm not naturally drawn to like knitted pieces, but there's something special and glowy about a cosymakes hat. She's got a great eye for color and design, with perfect little embellishments and embroideries. aaaaaaand it's all recycled, which is my favorite way of working /buying! Speaking of buying, check out her shop:

Speaking of etsy, something I wanted to mention in the show but forgot, was that the other end of the wonderful yarn spectrum was handspun wool. What I'm talking about is delicious, smoshy, gorgeous handspun (on a Spinning Wheel!). My favorite is of course: Applefaerie. I have a big big big custom order coming from Applefaerie that is so pretty I can't even talk about it. Check out her stuff at More on this type of yarn in future episodes, posts, if Joey will let me. Sometimes I get a few drinks in me and I can't shut up about yarn...

Oh! One more yarn tidbit: for those that want to try their hand at recycling yarn, check out this link: - go make a scarf for someone you heart.

That does it for this show folks. Enjoy what you saw? Come back for more, let us know by leaving a comment and we will see you back in 2007. Dont forget on MySpace you can find some of these great friends to share with yours as well.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Did He Say What I Think He Said?

All this and more on the next episode of Canned Culture...stay tuned.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Canned Culture Episode 5 - DIY & Cartoon Fever

Able to work out the bugs and cover a couple more logistical issues

Im back...or should I now say, we're back.

Canned Culture welcomes Ms. Melissa Stanley to the show as our new co-host bringing in her wit, DIY sensibility, and long lineage of creative ware.

Lets start by correcting a few minor errors in information from the show.

- The Andrew Bird concert will NOT be at the Empty Bottle Venue, it is an Empty Bottle sponsored show. The concert will be at Logan Square Auditorium, tickets can be purchased via and tickets cost $16.

- Bill Plympton did not make commercial for American Airlines they were United Airlines commercials.

And now on with the show:

This month's episode we touched upon some things new and some things old and prepared ourselves for various revolutions.

This blog will now be co-authored by Ms. Stanley. While my text will remain in black her's will be posted in any other color she desires.
joey, your text is in greyish. just fyi. you silly. Hi i'm melissa and i'm picking my color to post in now.
Oooo is this color pretty?
how about this?
olive juice!
fuck it
i'm going to start wearing purple for you now.

: : : : : : : : : is your onestop shop for everything handmade. It's a giant online store featuring hundreds of unique, orignal, artistic items such as jewelry, clothing, houswares, whatever! Everything is handmade - and you can also buy materials to make your own stuff, such as yarn, paper, cloth, so on and so forth. If you can't sew or crochet or knit (yet!) you can still look hip and home-made with some etsy-gear. And I'm not talking about your grandma's crocheted shawl and that vest your mom made you in grade school - I'm talking some bad ass fashion-forward stuff. So check that out. My last purchase was matching Tim Gunn necklaces for me and my BFF.

Craft Magazine
I love the blog at Everyday there is something marvellous to look at. I like making things. When they say "make your life better by simply making your life", i think "hell yea!". Stop blowing your wad at Urban Outfitters and god forbid - Anthropologie - or even Target - wherever - it's not that difficult to sit with some bad-ass movies or music and make something that you can enjoy and that's uniquely you. Make yourself a hat, a purse, some pants, a skirt, just do it! Thursday nights are great for having a friend or five over to crochet / sew / craft while watching The Office and drinking beer. Don't forget christmas is coming, and handmade gifts show more love and save more dough - especially when they're made from recycled materials.
What I'm saying is go to, check out a copy of CRAFT: at your local bookseller, and feel the burning inspiration! I have stacks and stacks of craft and crochet magazines in my house, and CRAFT: is the first one that spoke my language and showed me stuff I wanted to see / learn about / whatever.
note: i totally shop the sale racks at both urban outfitters and anthropologie. and they have cute stuff. but dude, don't buy things you could totally make!

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird, aside from being a pretty cool cat makes incredible music through a variety of sound compilations. Including is token whistling, which has become a staple in all of his music and in how fans identify him. Beyond that he plays every variance of stringed instrument on stage. It is an impressive dance he creates during his solo performances in balancing between all the instruments he uses. Though he has, at times, engaged with other artists in duets both vocally and instrumentally, always keeping an original taste and feel to the finished design.

Andrew Bird comes highly recommended as great music to listen to while travelling, making the whoopie, and mostly in cooking.

And he's a mad crazy bad-ass whistler.

To see more on this fantastic performed check out his website:
The Mysterious Production of Eggs

Curtico's Musical Excelcior

A little information on the musical guru that is Curtico.

Curt has remains a dominating force in the underground musical spectrum. Constantly digging his hand into a scene that is not nearly ripe and testing it out for the rest of us. During the regular working hours Curt works doing video game design. He also has extensive work with photography and photo editing. His work is a testament to the long line of diverse tastes he exhibits audibly. When you feel like grabbing something new and juicy with great bite and a happy music belly, it's time to swing by your friends at the record store, Curtico's Last.FM.

Bill Plympton

THE TUNE was animator Bill Plympton's first full-length feature. His short films have been seen widely around the country, highlighting many animation festivals. His oblique, off-center sense of the ridiculous in everyday life has made the "Microtoons" and his other shorts a popular MTV offering. His distinctive style has even invaded the world of advertising. Commercials for both Trivial Pursuit and Sugar Delight make us chuckle and gasp. But it's been a lot of hard work. When Plympton first moved to New York City, a recent college graduate with a B.A. in Graphic Design, he tried selling belts on the street. "It was January, about 25 degrees outside. I couldn't sell a one!"

To find and see more of Plympton's work search his name on YouTube or just check out his website Plymptoons.

Lucy Lou

Lucy Knisley is Canned Culture's very first FEATURED ARTIST - Yeehaw and rockout. Here's why: Lucy makes bad-ass comics. I love Stop Paying Attention. It is beautifully drawn and introspective and personal and heartwarming and funny. Beyond that, on her blog she posts doodles and doo-dads that are always a day-brightener. Lucy can be found at She blogs at LiveJournal (user name: lucylou) and also myspace (see Joey's myspace top 8 - at the bottom of this blog entry.)
The comic that I'm holding in the show is Letters From The Bottom of the Sea - which is one of my favorite things ever. I like the idea of sending letters to people who have had profound effect on your life - even if they never get the letters. Who doesn't have someone in their past like that? I think you have to read it to understand: give a click to the bottle above to take a look.

Lucy's 24-hour comic
(which you may have to enlarge to view)

Resonant Fish

Which brings me to the Artist Shout-Out: Collin David. You saw some of his work in the show, and what made me interested in his work was his 24-hour comic for 2006 - found here:
I think we speak the same language. Or at least I understand the language of owl and ghost. In any case, it's a good time, and Collin is a scholar and a gentleman.

That's all for me. I wanna totally thank brian for buying me delicious tequilla lime chicken at applebees, and then making me instantly regret it by going to see Fast Food Nation. I'll let joey do the babbling about that flick later.

Until next time you slap happy mooks. We will be here, so keep us company. Send comments, questions, concerns, suggestions and/or your social security number. We'd be much obliged.

Dont forget to check out the show over @ Joe V You Tube

And be sure to check out Ms. Stanley's and My MySpace where you can look under our Top 8 to find Lucy Lou, Curtico, Andrew Bird, Resonant Fish, Craft Magazine, etc. Every month there is a lot more there, so come back soon before the can drive starts, we may be short then.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Away @ Sea

Something to hold you dont dissapoint. I need healthy responses upon my return or no goodies, speaking of goodies....

Im sitting here eating some scrumptious little treats called: SesaKiss

They are tremendously yummy and addictive and can be found and most ethnic grocery stores, i.e. Caputos, Kasia's Deli. They are little wafers packed with sesame seeds in glucose syrup.

Im a big fan of the sesame seed, you should to, or at least check them out. Let me know if there are any little treats that are rare or super good that others should know about.

Ill give it a shot and talk about it on the next show.


Freeway / One Night at the Golden Eagle / Dancing At The Blue Iguana / Spun

There is one common thread linked between all of these movies. Your goal, find out what it is. They are not by the same director, I dont believe they share any actors or writers. They commonality is contextual.

Mostly...they would not happen anywhere else.

Freeway is a oldie must see with a super young Reese Witherspoon a mad hell white trash girl with no hold barred on her tongue and Kiefer Sutherland playing (which he does so well) a maniacal sadistic creep on the prowl and playing doctor.

The result are quotes like this from sweet little Reese's mouth:

Well look who got beaten with the ugly stick. Bob, is that you? My God, I can't believe such an itty bitty gun could make such a big mess out of someone! You are so ugly Bob! Oh and hey I heard you have one of those poop bags where the shit comes out the side, you're just a big old shitbag aren't you Bob! I hope you think of me every time you shit in that thing motherfucker


I already told you why I shot him you shit-skinned motherfucker.

and one more...

Fuck you, chipmunk face! And your fuckin' skipper wife!

When I return Ill be attending the Sufjan Stephens Concert and report back on the experience.

Until then, take this to think on:

Creating ads for yourself is not easy using the standard free space in which to do so. Next adventure is to seek out areas on the web for successful ad campaigns or a place that offers creative alternatives to getting the audience and attention you need. Up Up!

Project R is in development, guest artists on the show, and a whole new line up of material for Episode Six.

Waiting on you love.

Echo Boom Out!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Canned Culture Episode 4 - The Next Frontier


Do yourself a 2-minute favor and watch the trailer here

((Tarnation Trailer))

Trust me on this one folks. If your a fan of pushing the boundaries on film and interested to see something truly original this is for you.

My own personal comparison would put this film akin to the terrifying stark reality of Harmony Korine's Gummo with the erie edge of something David Lynch might dream up, but with a sincerity and sense of wonder almost comic in its insanity such as Todd Solondz's Palindromes.

Look for more info on Palidromes next show.

Current TV

I can do nothing more then direct you to their site with a link

Current TV

well maybe a bit more: About Current TV:

Current is a national cable and satellite channel dedicated to bringing your voice to television.

Current is about what's going on: stories from the real world, told by you.

We slice our schedule into short segments that we call "pods" -- each just a few minutes long. You'll see profiles of interesting people on the rise, intelligence on trends as they spring up around us, and international news from new perspectives.

And much of it comes straight from you.

We call it viewer-created content, or VC2. Right now, VC2 makes up about a third of our channel -- and that share is growing.

It works like this:

Anyone who wants to contribute can upload a video. Then, everyone in the Current online community votes for what should be on TV. You can join in at either stage -- watch & vote or make video. (We've also got online training to help you get the skills you need to make TV!)

This is definitely not a traditional TV network. Watching Current, you'll see more, on more topics, from more points of view.

But if we're going to succeed, we need you to do more than watch; we need you to jump in and participate.

Regina Spektor

Typically I might direct you to the artists official site, but to be honest her site is lacking the personal flavor that her (now dont roll your eyes) myspace does.

Plenty of great info can be found here

Regina Spektor on Myspace

Chew on that kiddies. By the way if you get enough of a taste that you cannot stop listening for several hours and you feel the day is not complete unless you've heard this miraculous voice here is what to do

Step 1: learn lyrics and sing to yourself
Step 2: learn lyrics and sing to others
Step 3: create music videos in your head
Step 4: buy a fricken ticket to her show at Park West on October 15th @ 7:30PM

What...thats not enough for you? Check back real soon for some highly useful need-to-know-net links. Promise to be up real soon.

Echo Boom Out.