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Monday, September 08, 2008

Good Morning Universe

In just one day the most incredible experiment the world has ever seen is going to take place.

If the experiment is successful the discoveries it makes could change the way we see the world, time, matter, space, the universe!

The CERN Project taking place on the French/Swiss border has emassed a 17-mile long large hadron collider (LHC). Shooting particle beams at speeds beyond light and at temperatures imitating the cold of deep space, the project hopes to reveal some of the building blocks of existence, what they term the "god particle."

The experiment is attempting to replicate the initial reactions after the Big Bang, which for all intents and purposes means we have no clue.

Debate stalled the project several months ago when some physicists argued that their is a possibility of microscopic black holes forming within the Earth. Concurrent experiments absorbing information on dark matter and anti-matter.

For us sci-fi geeks theories surrounding anti-matter suggest that technically the universe should not exists because for all matter their exists anti-matter, which should eliminate matter entirely, but perhaps an anonomoly or phenomena or maybe some goof off's miscalculations or god caused us to be.

Well that can play with all kinds of waxing of theory and philosophy, so instead I will just say:

On September 10th at 2:00PM Central Time the first beam will be fired and can be watched here: