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Monday, December 18, 2006

CC6: Metal Gods & Back Home Tunes

Hi I'm Melissa and I'm starting the blog for Canned Culture Episode Six! Hooray! Joey will chime in later with his two bits.

Thanks Melissa for getting us started. Hope you all enjoyed our holiday spectacular episode. Get ready for crops and crop loads of new gitchy stuff in the next year. Also check back here to find out more about DIY.

And now for musica...

Mason Jennings
Mr. Jennings has got a super voice. The footage seen in this episode was taken by myself at a Block Party Concert on Lincoln and Addison Summer 2005. We were right up next to the stage and I was able to get nearly the whole concert on tape. For those of you who dig some relaxing midwest folksy music (though Mason is really from the West) you'll absolutely enjoy his lyrics and dynamic acoustic love. More footage can be found soon on the youtube with the rest of our episodes. A little Christmas yummy for you.

Until then visit his site cause he should be coming to this town again soon.

We had a good time filming this one, and we hope you liked watching it. Here's some things that I personally want to continue to babble about:

Drakkar Sauna!!!

love love love this band. They opened up for the final Split Lip Rayfield show at the Empty Bottle, and rocked many socks. With a tambourine shoe and two bangin' guitars, they are bound to have your little toes tapping a two step. Give them a listen and buy a cd - I bought all 3 on their website after seeing them at the SLR show, but if I had to recommend one it would be drakansasauna. Check it out!
(dont forget to check out Split Lip Rayfield too - it's not too late to pick up a bad-ass cd, even if you can't see the band - and the profits all go to a great cause. There's a DVD in the makes it looks like, which is the best news I've had all night!! I've got tickets to the january Scroat Belly show at the Empty Bottle, do you?)

Joe Pogan

Joey, did you buy me a Joe Pogan sculpture for chistmas? Hmm?

Working on getting that to you right away Melissa. Had to lease my soul for a bit in order to get a special order. This stuff is incredible.

So you go into your garage and you find a whole crap load of metal things in your junk drawer and its time to clean house. Don't throw that stuff away, find your best old watch piece, spoon, or random tool and ship it off to Mr. Joe Pogan so he can turn it into something amazing like this:

You can also check out a short clip of what it looks like as Mr. Pogan creates these works here:

Power to Forge Life Out of Metal: GO!

Cosymakes. Cosyknits.

Cosy does lots of things, and does them well!

I'm a crocheter, not a knitter, so i'm not naturally drawn to like knitted pieces, but there's something special and glowy about a cosymakes hat. She's got a great eye for color and design, with perfect little embellishments and embroideries. aaaaaaand it's all recycled, which is my favorite way of working /buying! Speaking of buying, check out her shop:

Speaking of etsy, something I wanted to mention in the show but forgot, was that the other end of the wonderful yarn spectrum was handspun wool. What I'm talking about is delicious, smoshy, gorgeous handspun (on a Spinning Wheel!). My favorite is of course: Applefaerie. I have a big big big custom order coming from Applefaerie that is so pretty I can't even talk about it. Check out her stuff at More on this type of yarn in future episodes, posts, if Joey will let me. Sometimes I get a few drinks in me and I can't shut up about yarn...

Oh! One more yarn tidbit: for those that want to try their hand at recycling yarn, check out this link: - go make a scarf for someone you heart.

That does it for this show folks. Enjoy what you saw? Come back for more, let us know by leaving a comment and we will see you back in 2007. Dont forget on MySpace you can find some of these great friends to share with yours as well.

Happy Holidays!

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