smoke signals - flashing mirrors - messages in bottles - carrier pigeons - flags in the air - hoofbeats on the ground

Thursday, July 08, 2010

dear melissa

just for reference here is what happened during our conversation last night:

Melissa: yeppers, although with this hangover i dunno, that little dago is out for my blood i start working for him at the end of the month, after kelly leaves

Me: There should always be at least one dago who is out for your blood around

Melissa: that's like a barometer for whether or not you're living a full lifedoes a dago want ur blood? good, you're having a good time

Me: ahahahaand yes, it should. though if you are the dago should someone still want your blood and if so who?

Melissa: i cant answer these complicated italian questions, dont you have a Mario bros handbook around somewhere

Wednesday, July 07, 2010