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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lucy Knisley Update: HSSC

Lucy Knisely was featured on Canned Culture 5: DIY & Cartoon Fever. Since then she has been hard at work graduating from college and applying for great new frontiers all over. In a whole holiday sack of good luck we hear that she is moving on to bigger and better things. In celebration of this she has been gracious enough to post a copy of an entirely new comic she has been working hard on called Heart Seed Snow Circuit.

Heart Seed Snow Circuit is a conversation between a Lucy the female cartoonist student, a bitter cyanide ridden apple, a dirty snowman, and a fridge who thinks evolution is fairly overrated.

The discussion revolves around the primary concerns of us folk here and there. Life, Art, & Sex.

The final extra feature panels have to be my favorite where all four characters spit out memorable phrases such as: "I spent years denying who I was, until I found out that no one saw me as less of a blood thirsty killing machine, just due to my sexuality."

The characters are excellent represenations of various hidden personas we all at sometime embody or those that orbit around our pysches.

Take a look and leaver her some love, this shows she has damn well earned it, and keep your eye on her to see what comes next.

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