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Friday, September 08, 2006

Away @ Sea

Something to hold you dont dissapoint. I need healthy responses upon my return or no goodies, speaking of goodies....

Im sitting here eating some scrumptious little treats called: SesaKiss

They are tremendously yummy and addictive and can be found and most ethnic grocery stores, i.e. Caputos, Kasia's Deli. They are little wafers packed with sesame seeds in glucose syrup.

Im a big fan of the sesame seed, you should to, or at least check them out. Let me know if there are any little treats that are rare or super good that others should know about.

Ill give it a shot and talk about it on the next show.


Freeway / One Night at the Golden Eagle / Dancing At The Blue Iguana / Spun

There is one common thread linked between all of these movies. Your goal, find out what it is. They are not by the same director, I dont believe they share any actors or writers. They commonality is contextual.

Mostly...they would not happen anywhere else.

Freeway is a oldie must see with a super young Reese Witherspoon a mad hell white trash girl with no hold barred on her tongue and Kiefer Sutherland playing (which he does so well) a maniacal sadistic creep on the prowl and playing doctor.

The result are quotes like this from sweet little Reese's mouth:

Well look who got beaten with the ugly stick. Bob, is that you? My God, I can't believe such an itty bitty gun could make such a big mess out of someone! You are so ugly Bob! Oh and hey I heard you have one of those poop bags where the shit comes out the side, you're just a big old shitbag aren't you Bob! I hope you think of me every time you shit in that thing motherfucker


I already told you why I shot him you shit-skinned motherfucker.

and one more...

Fuck you, chipmunk face! And your fuckin' skipper wife!

When I return Ill be attending the Sufjan Stephens Concert and report back on the experience.

Until then, take this to think on:

Creating ads for yourself is not easy using the standard free space in which to do so. Next adventure is to seek out areas on the web for successful ad campaigns or a place that offers creative alternatives to getting the audience and attention you need. Up Up!

Project R is in development, guest artists on the show, and a whole new line up of material for Episode Six.

Waiting on you love.

Echo Boom Out!

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