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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Personal Letter to TinyMeat

Melissa, remember that entry you made about the "grown up aesthetic"? I have been practicing, but can't I just grow up with my favorite creators and continue to acquire the things they make for me? Such as:

Dear TinyMeat,

I love you. You make my favorite wallets in the world. It feels like just the other day when I drunkenly stumbled upon you in the Etsy bar to get a case for when I first received my passport.

You were sitting next to SEIBEI and had been flirting all night with Joined At The Stitch, they thought they were so grown up changing their name from Vagrant Aesthetic (we are all so proud).

but here's the thing, once a year I indulge on nabbing a new one from you kids and one for Melissa because ours have gone through a year of the natural disaster that is our ass and require replacement, plus the plastic and stiching start breaking and tearing.

They all started out so great:

Do you think you can make a grown up wallet? We, your early fans are growing up and sometimes we cannot pull out something as wicked as that last Zeptonn wallet in inappropriate situations like business dinners, funerals, turkey hunting, and Babylon 5 theme parties.

Yours Truly,


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