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Thursday, May 21, 2009

dear joe

SERIOUSLY are you following this blog?

Michael and Michael Have Issues

add that to your 'daily' list.


Joe Visco said...

You see, I have a confession to make....Im not really a fan of Michael Ian Black anymore. When I first saw him and his with the other Michael and the good sloppy other kids I was very entertained, but then it turned into what I am now deeming for myself as the sloppy joe effect, I consumed way to much in one period of time to ever be able to enjoy eating one again, in fact the sight and smell of one makes me nauseous and sometimes I seize up, but maybe a few years down the line it will be okay again.

For now, I will read this blog because you've recommended it and I will report back my feelings at a later date. Maybe Ill like the recipe more then the final presentation.

Melissa Sue said...

i just think the team of Black and Showalter is stellar.

...see what i did there? i am a funny lady.