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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Canned Culture: Where Do You Get Your Material?

I am glad you asked. We derive our materials from whatever seems to skim the top of our most treasured creative standards. We spend hours each week sifting through internet rubble to find the last slivers of gold. We always go with muts and runts of the litter because they have better character. That and we have great friends who work and have interest in different fields which helps us stay tuned in to the latest. Like these important gems.

we dont typically condone more then 30 minutes of youtubing in one sitting, that is why this is a mere 10. perfect for your lunchtime, typing time, emailing time, staring blankly into space time, off during work.

ala :

and sometimes we get to reclaim people like Alanis Morisette. Listen Alanis, we like the funny things you do when you play God in Dogma and you totally rule over as queen Canadian of 90's old alternative music, but when you tried to appease us and bide your time with a "best of" acoustic album. We figured you either had run out of creative juice or were just getting lazy.

Then you did this and have been fully redeemed (thanks, it was hard to let you go):

Hearing the pitter patter of the Geek Chic revolution is fully noted by the music intentions of Data Rock, we can thank Mary over at - going in for the kiss kiss - :

if your still with us after all that other stuff then you lucked out because this is the after hour special, straight from the experimental animation sources itself Director Andy Huang. I first saw his animation Doll Face, absolutely worth the 3 minutes. Enjoy this short: The Gloaming.

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