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Thursday, July 12, 2007

On The Horizon

Between sleepless nights and droning days of work I have been wrestling with seedlings of new projects and ideas. Sifting through them to see if the residuals were worth cultivating I have come across various ideas, events, and people. Perhaps one of you might have a suggestion at how to link them.

So lets get back to basics. While I find the raunchiest stripper joint in Chicago for Melissa's bachelorette party you all enjoy this and we will be back before you know it.

The current ABC's are:

- Amy Winehouse Concert - September 29th, Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL

Can I say that I'm shockingly thrilled about this? While Amy has exploded in Europe as the new gay icon, she is slowly creeping her way forward in the states. Even though Joss Stone rose quickly behind Winehouse on the charts, I believe she will endure much longer. Plus the Brit, cynical, Courtney-Love-during-Hole look is gotten a big thumbs up from me.

The British tabloids certainly loved her, as is seen:

"An article about manic depression quotes Winehouse as stating that she is a clinically diagnosed manic depressive who refuses to take medication." - The Independent

"Winehouse admitted to have previously been affected by eating disorders. "A little bit of anorexia, a little bit of bulimia. I'm not totally OK now but I don't think any woman is." - The Independent

"Winehouse made multiple appearances in the British tabloids over alleged alcohol-induced behaviour including heckling U2 frontman Bono." -The Charlotte Church Show

"I have a really good time some nights, but then I push it over the edge and ruin my boyfriend's night. I’m an ugly dickhead drunk, I really am." - The Times
"They’re tryin to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no."

- Casting Calls -

For those looking to find fame, fortune and Showtime network television show appearances in their summer plans, this is your month. Without the best of details, word has trickled down the grapevine that the hit series (and personal pet show) Weeds, starring the amazingly versatile and always amusing Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, is doing open casting calls in all major cities to acquire some new faces as guest starts on the 3rd season.
"I'm not a dealer, I'm a mother who happens to distribute illegal products through a sham bakery set up by my ethically questionable CPA and his crooked lawyer friend." - Nancy Botwin, Weeds, Season One
Keep your ears and eyes peeled...Details to follow...

- -

Introduced by a friend to this delightfully user friendly beta search engine, I was instantly addicted. Plus it's free!
1. Type Search Term
2. Get too many unrelated results
3. Activate a one click button giving you access to a 24/7 guide who you can chat with over real time to screen the search items for specifically what your searching for. Kind of like having your own personal assistant for research.

I recommend giving it a shot while it is still fresh, new, and doesn't require payment.

- Couchsurfing -

The best way to travel. Sleeping With Locals as Nick Vivion puts it, check out what it is like to stay for free using the tens of thousands of participants on all over the world.

On my brief skip through Europe I purchased some higher end H&M fashion from a place with hip top fashion called Top Man. While this is a subsidiary of Kate Moss' Top Shop. It is definitely worth the overseas shipping costs for a $40 (£80) suit jacket or a swanky button down at $6 (£12). They seem to be primarily dominated by a regurgitated 80's fashion trend (which I have subsequently begun to fund minor appreciations for). Additionally, all students internationally receive a 10% discount. Their sales always wield some interesting nab that everyone will be asking about, so why not show a little Euro flare.

A much better alternative for those wanting to stay with national independent clothing designers is Everything from higher end folk such as Paul Frank, Penguin, and Triple Five, to much less known, but superb The Imaginary Foundation, Fuct, and Garbege. The samples below can speak for themselves. Worth the dollar to sport some gear that no one in your 50 mile radius would ever bump into, guaranteed.

That should be all for now, but Im certainly sitting on many more things to tell you all about. I am near busting, but Melissa says to hold off until the next show. So while I fly to NYC to gather some additionally yummy footage you all hold tight.

A bit of feedback wouldn't hurt either. How is the ABC search filling in? Should I keep logging this to you folk? Blimey, I think its time to hit the hay. Give us love.

Also, the We Create Again video's Current TV stats are as follows:

Out of 20,000 docs we are ranked.... 15, with near 600 points, 91 votes and near 1000 views. This is good news for us, slow and steady, aye! Thanks for all the support friends.

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