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Monday, July 23, 2007

Canned Culture Coming Out Event

We have been cooking up ideas to merge We Create with some of the great venues Chicago has to offer. While I scoot over to NYC to do some hunting for potential collaborators I thought I'd ask for feedback of the space. Owned by Mr. Evan Glassman the E-Space sells itself:


is a 4500 sq. ft "ultra-mod" multimedia event & exhibition rental space available for parties, performances & meetings

a sublime venue unlike any other rental space on the southside, studio e offers an alternative to the traditional

modern eclectic design
interior zen garden
full kitchen
private lounge
dressing area
concierge services

Additionally we will be taking in advice from some of our wonderful CouchSurfing friends in NYC.

In other news:

The first rendition of the official Canned Culture website is on the drawing board and being processed as we speak.

DList does Canned Culture. For those in the know, we do not mean Miss Kathy Griffin, but gay social networking site, DList. The interview can be found here:

My printer has fallen sick with cartoon fever, pictures to come soon.

All this and more...keep on watching!


Jazz said...

I love this space!!

Once Called Endymion said...

Thanks! Have you visited it before? What do you like most about it?