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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Because I watched "How to draw a bunny"

I like to write about things here now cause they are not often seen. They are unnoticed schemes that all ultimately fail. This is great. Today I am starting a library for artists. There is a library somewhere in NY where you can send anything to and they would keep it. I do not know if it even exists anymore, but I thought I would like to have a library also. Then maybe one day I can open a place to store it all. I would be a good librarian and make recommendations and have special selections. I could do research or not. I would keep the works in good condition and maintain integrity at the highest level of librarian levels.

I liked to use things like Craigslist to access people. Artists are out there. They will participate. If you want to participate you can to. Just send me your art in the mail. Real art or take a photo or send a fragment of it or maybe just your name on an empty envelope so someone out there knows you create art. Do whatever you want for security, put no return address, make one up, or find out who I am.

It kind of sucks to document yourself. Buy things, create a cult following, someone make stories about me, us, and canned culture.

We are winning, yes.

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