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Thursday, May 10, 2007

We Create Extra Info

In case you missed the slamming amount of emails we've send out or the multiple posts, we thought we'd mention just once more that how well We Create is doing on Current TV! All thanks to our adoring fans of course.

It can be seen here:


Beyond that we thought we'd give mention to our recent days of absence. We have been at the drawing board redesigning and researching possible contenders for future episodes. We have found some folks that are going to flip your lid

To try a deliver samples of how wonderfully diverse these pool of people are would never do them justice, but take our word, you wont be dissapointed.

Beyond this our journey's will take us North, South, East and West. Cross country, over mountains, across oceans.

After a tour in Europe this May we will have a cropload of new materials. We hope you'll come back soon to see what's going on. As for some of the errors with blogs and episodes, we are still working out the kinks, patience please and we promise it will all be worth it.

Until then, check out our new website (vastly an in-the-works process): Canned Culture

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