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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CC8: Canned Goes Gay

We are winding up our wrists and dancing with dangling cosmos to this ultra faboo episode Canned Goes Gay.

Accessing the likes of some highly influential, yet very different characters in the gay universe we thought we'd bring you the best of what we've got.

So have at it.

Howard Cruse

While searching through the ranks of The Comics Journal ( I posted a message to find out what substance full gay comics, cartoons, and graphic novels I needed to know about. My lack of knowledge on the subject was only measured by the amount of responses I received. I ended up with a laundry list of different works.

Of course I logged onto Amazon immediately and went to the discount used aisles and started the mass shipments of books to start studying and investigating. Some made me shrug my shoulders, others made me blush, but Howard Cruses work made me think, smile and more importantly left me with a feeling of satisfaction.

Wendel became one of my favorite night time reads. This comic series was featured in The Advocate magazine for nearly ten years. The characters were tangible for a wide audience and in my reading I felt it spoke to the gay middle class (mid-western even) every man.

To speak briefly about Stuck Rubber Baby as so much has already been said including in our discussion in the extended interview below. This graphic novel used as text in university and high school curriculum is a aspiring time capsule of a unique perspective in both gay culture and the Civil Rights Movement. While today we see less of a commonality with our brethren who used to and still are treated as second class citizens. We are distanced from our past connection in a struggle for freedom in all of its definitions, however more relevantly, legally.

The character Toland's experience living in the South during the Civil Rights Movement discovering the homosexual lifestyle, the escapist, the rebellious and revolutionary we are given a true and rare dose that speaks as a mouthpiece for a people's history. Hear more about that in my full-lenght interview with Mr. Cruse here:

I could not do much more then beg, Stuck Rubber Baby is so very worth all of our attention and is and extremely valuable piece of literature to add to every one's collection. For comics, cartoonists, and those in related fields this novel was set at the crest of a pioneering wave, which brought the graphic novel into a more legitimate and matured form of literature and should be renowned as such.

To find more about Howard Cruse visit his blog @

Gay Bloggies

(Meliss will post more on this later)

Jonny McGovern

Jonny McGovern is many, many things. One thing he is not, is boring. He walks into a room to knock 'em dead and that is just what he does. Star of the now widely known provocative music video "Soccer Practice," Mr. McGovern, recognized by the title "The Gay Pimp" has crossed into all reigns of media to "keep it faggity" and spread the "Sparkle Magic."

He has released three CD's all of which rival the previous. Following a similar flavor as per "Soccer Practice" Jonny continues to push the boundaries a bit further each time. He makes no apologies for his actions and embraces his inner gay to represent the bold and proud mad crazy queens.

He has hosted, alongside many of his New York show stopper friends, a popularly growing podcast available through iTunes . This podcast helps deliver us a weekly dose of "Celebrity Donkey Punches" and "The Total T." I find it makes great use of time while filing at my 9 to 5. This started up again earlier this month.

It was a great pleasure to hear a more personal and straight forward (no pun intended) side of him. The full lenght interview can be heard below: (Be Up Soon)

Jonny will be working with LOGO Network on a new comedy skit show airing in April.

For more information and specific dates check out his webpage @


Allie said...

Where's the Gay Pimp Interview? You guys said it'd be up....

Once Called Endymion said...

We've had trouble loading and editing this interview without trimming too much off. We are working things out with YouTube and our new director status. Don't be dismayed yet, we are working hard to get it to you. I promise! :)